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Original - Banff Film Festival 2018

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The Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival and Festival World Tour embody the spirit of the mountains and inspire adventure all across North America. As a continued sponsor of the festival, we value that inspiration and we work hard to help you gear up to live for adventure.

We are proud to present the 7th edition of the official Festival Original Multifunctional Headwear. Customers based in the USA can get the Film Festival BUFF® neckwear from BUFF USA

New this year, our iconic piece The Original is now made from recycled polyester microfiber from PET bottles, offering the highest level of sun protection with UPF 50 and feels more comfortable than ever now featuring 4-way stretch. The perfect accessory of choice for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

This year’s design comes from a collaboration with JOHN FELLOWS.

" I was honored to be asked to create this years Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival BUFF® Headwear.  Breaking away from previous festival BUFF® Headwear which were more photographic or graphic/linear in design, I thought taking the BUFF® product in a more straightforward illustration style would be a nice way to change things up. I wanted the artwork to depict the amazing natural landscape found in Banff National Park as well as the surrounding area. Flowing rivers, thick vast forests, tall rugged mountain peaks and the wild swirling air overhead.  While one will take home memories of the festival itself, the dramatic landscape of Banff will stay with them forever.” - John Fellows

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